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If you have damaged your device we are here to help. Just send your phone to our technicians

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Only using the best quality repair parts for your device. We have a huge amount of phone repair knowledge and experience.

Drop off Service

Quick quality repairs For the local service covering  West  Sussex. You can drop phone to us for us to carry out the phone repair. Most phone repairs are complete within 30 minutes so you will have your phone back fast.

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The mail in service as soon as your device gets to us we will repair it and get it sent back to you that day.  We know how important a mobile can be to you or your business.

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Repairing your device

At Iphone Ambulance we pride ourselves as the best value for money repair service around.

We offer a good range of iphone and ipad repairs to the local community of west sussex and also offer a send in repair service to the rest of the UK so everyone can take advantage of what services we have to offer.


Send In Repair Drop Off Repair

We give a 90 DAY WARRANTY on all repairs local and mail in service.

drop off repair

Send your device to us!

Below you can see all the repairs we offer:

  • Screen repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Home button
  • Charge port replacement
  • Earpiece Speaker replacement
  • Loud speaker replacement
  • Front camera replacement
  • Rear camera replacement

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