iphone ambulance



*Our aim is to repair your device within 24-48 hours on the odd occasion we come across a problem with the device that was unknown we will not be help responsible for late returns to you.

*if you send in your device and it is beyond repair or you haven’t told us about other work that’s need to be carried out in order to repair and yoy are not willing to pay the extra repair cost the device we will send it back to you and refund you minus the cost of return postage and a 10% handerling fee.

Cancellation of order

*If you want to cancel you mail in order DON’T sent the device in and call us and we will give you a full refund. If you cancel the order after you have sent the device we will refund you minus the return postage cost and 10% handerling fee.

Your data

  • We will not be held responsible for any loss of data on your device. We recommend you back up any data on the device in case of damage/loss of goods


  • When you send a device to use we have no control of how you get it to us we only take responsibility once we have received your device
  • Returns to you will be sent tracked/signed for with addiqut damage or loss cover normally £500 cover. we will not be held responsible for any damage/loss or late delivery the shipping company we use may do to your device/item.
  • We will only send the device/ purchase back to the address connected to the paypal account
  • If your device gets lost, stolen or damaged by the postal service you have chosen to send your item to us, we will not be responsible


  • We give a three month warranty on all repairs local and mail in service. Accidental damage of any kind will not be covered.